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Pinned Post: Remembering Ilan Halimi

11 years ago, Ilan Halimi, a 23 year old French Jew was abducted by a Parisian Muslim gang who called themselves "Le Gang des Barbares". During the next 24 days, the handsome and charismatic young man was slowly tortured to death. 

I promised to write a post for everyone of these 24 days in his memory. But, less important things intervened and I have not finished it yet, but I promise: I will. Meanwhile this is how far I've come.

ast Day

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Class Photos in Merkel's Veiled Germany

Celal Cakar and Markus Kaminski published the following article on 15. July 2017 in Bild

"This HSC photo is a German success story. The high school graduates of the Duisburg Theodor-König-Gesamtschule are the proof that everyone in our country has the opportunity to education and success - if he uses them. (Note to self: dont say:  "except native Germans!")

Caption by "Bild Zeitung": 
"Passed! The 42 high-school graduates of the Duisburger Theodor-König-Gesamtschule proudly hold their final degrees in their hands"

"Duisburg - Their school has 80 percent of foreigners, its neighborhood is a social hotspot, but despite all difficulties, these 42 students of the Theodor-König-Gesamtschule in Duisburg-Beeck passed their high school diploma with bravura!
This class photo is a German success story!

"We stand for justice, respect, tolerance and acceptance of all people," says Dirk Winkelmann (62). He is proud of his students, who have probably met for the last time in their schoolyard. After 13 years of school, they have their HSC in their pockets, many plan to study."

I found this article on Resistance Republicaine who added: 

"This is proof that the neighbourhood has not yet completely toppled over into sharia, because once  it does, there will be only males in the picture, the veiled "bécasses" (*) being in their kitchens."

(*) I don't really have a good translation for this word ;)

And a propos the Islamic veil:

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A WARNING to Germany

I have become a fan of this outspoken member of the "Alternative für Germany" (AfD) - a slim ray of hope in the straight jacket that the Germans are kept in when it comes to information or freedom of speech (if I may mix my metaphors). Beatrix von Storch, apart from her courageous and intelligent voice has also a rather impressive family tree  and has been attacked for it (guess for which part of it !)

Thanks for the editing go to Gates of Vienna

Am Brunnen vor dem Tore

Da steht ein Lindenbaum;

Ich träumt' in seinem Schatten

So manchen süßen Traum.

Ich schnitt in seine Rinde

So manches liebe Wort;

Es zog in Freud' und Leide

Zu ihm mich immer fort.

Ich mußt' auch heute wandern

Vorbei in tiefer Nacht,

Da hab' ich noch im Dunkeln

Die Augen zugemacht.

Und seine Zweige rauschten,

Als riefen sie mir zu:

Komm her zu mir, Geselle,

Hier find'st du deine Ruh' !

Die kalten Winde bliesen

Mir grad' ins Angesicht;

Der Hut flog mir vom Kopfe,

Ich wendete mich nicht.

Nun bin ich manche Stunde

Entfernt von jenem Ort,

Und immer hör' ich's rauschen:

du fändest Ruhe dort ! 


REAL Political Leaders

Found this on my daily shopping trip to VladTepes, a real treasure trove.  Bibi welcomed to Budapest !  A meeting of two real men , (yes I know it's sexist ! ) and two real political leaders (yes I know its political ! ) 

And while I'm at it: Politicians I have in mind, when I say : "real leaders" are - at random: 

Prime Minister Orban 
Prime Minister Netanyahu
President of Egypt: Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi
President Donald Trump
President Vladimir Putin

and, at the risk of offending some of my Jewish friends, who DO have a reason to dislike him: 

Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria. 

Why him ?  Because he never gassed the children of Syria, nor would he !   And he survived against an onslaught deadlier even than the one waged against Donald Trump right now. 

Looking at this delightfully old-fashioned (and when I say 'old-fashioned' it's a compliment) hand kiss, (@ min.0.06)  exactly the way it is supposed to be done, just an elegant hint, without even really touching........ ahhhh....nice, very nice.....I could get quite romantic .....:) 

You knew, of course, that "ich küsse ihre Hand Madame" means "I kiss your hand, Madame" and that, as usual, I try to match my musical choices with the "message" of the post, less or more successfully...;) 


h/t to Vlad Tepesblog


Génération Identitaire: DEFEND EUROPE

Being the Queen of Procrastination I have a long line of videos and posts lined up to be "sorted" . This video below should have been posted quite some time ago, and may have a little beard by now. I thank The Gates of Vienna for the editing and posting it in time. 

I’m a great fan of this young group (founded in France “Les Identitaires” and now with branches in Germany, Austria, Italy) but with their relatively “innocent” youthful enthusiasm, I am quite afraid for them – the enemy is nasty and potentially deadly. 

In German the word for Character Assassination is “Rufmord”, and the corrupt Merkel-Mob have done a great hatchet job on them. “Extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme Rrrrrrrright” is one of the milder names they get, “Nazi” is the favourite. 

Their “non-violence” as compared to the fake “we-are-love-and-peaceness” of the assorted Left groups is REAL. And, unlike, for example, the “Antifa”, they are not financed by corrupt Governments and Soros – quite to the contrary: for their latest action “Defend Europe”, Banks and other financial organisations (even pay pal seems to dhimmify their services lately) have put every imaginable obstacle in their way – yet they prevailed. 

It’s THEIR future the corrupt politicians (and NGOs) are selling out.

Links to: 

Update 20.7.2017:

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Israel won ! Now get over it !

This is the cover of a book that most influenced my outlook. I have read it years ago, but am sure it holds true today. Melanie Phillips is very much like the "Cassandra" of Greek Mythology. 

And now I will let Melanie Phillips have the word.

"The Middle East Forum held a meeting in Jerusalem last night to discuss Daniel Pipes’s “Victory Caucus“, his project for breaking the Arab-Israel impasse. He urges that the conflict should be reframed as a war which Israel has won and the Arabs have lost rather than a never-ending impasse with demands upon Israel for negotiations, peace processes and compromises. I spoke briefly at this meeting. You can watch my comments on this clip from the Facebook Live video below. You can also watch the video of the whole meeting here. A transcript of my remarks follows beneath the clip."


This is a very much-needed initiative. There is an urgent need to recalibrate the whole issue of the Arab war against Israel; to recalibrate it as one of war and victory; and to recalibrate it not just for the benefit of the Palestinians but also for the west and also for Israel.

We have to ask ourselves, surely, why do the Palestinians think the war is still on. Well, I think there are a number of reasons for that. One reason is that, unfortunately, if you are a religious Muslim you believe that any land conquered by Islam is then consecrated to Islam and nobody else can ever have sovereignty over it. So from that point of view there can be no victory over that kind of fanatical religious mindset.

But the main reason why the Palestinians think the war is still on is because they are encouraged to think that by the west. By Britain, by Europe and also by Israel’s great ally and friend, America.

The Palestinian story has been accepted by the west to the extent that the west believes there is a Palestinian people which has a historic, national and legitimate claim to the land. There never was a Palestinian people, there is not, and it does not now have any legitimate claim to the land.

Even if it did have a claim to the land it would be forfeit because of nearly a century of exterminatory aggression. In every other conflict in the world, that sort of exterminatory aggression means that the aggressors are treated as pariahs. Uniquely in this conflict the aggressors have been treated over the best part of a century – because of their aggression – as statesmen-in-waiting.

It’s not rocket science. If you treat aggressors as statesmen-in-waiting, you do not get peace and harmony. You get more aggression.

Now why has the west rewarded aggression in this way – uniquely – in this region? Many reasons. One is ignorance. One is malice. One is realpolitik – the desire to appease the Arabs over the oil weapon. Another is simply that people in the west believe – and I’ve heard this so many times – that there is no alternative.

But I would suggest there’s a deeper problem here. The prevalent view in the west is that it no longer does war and victory. This is seen as uncivilised. War is seen as brutal, uncivilised and must never be undertaken. If the Palestinians or the Arabs or the developing world are waging war, well we “expect that of them”, don’t we, because they are basically “uncivilised” people. We in the west do not apparently expect them to accord with our own values of respect for human life, democracy and all the rest of it. In other words, the west has a deeply racist attitude towards the developing world.

And it believes in itself that it doesn’t do war any more because war is uncivilised. Instead of war it does conflict resolution; it does law, not war.

And so as a result the war that’s been taking place in this region by the Arabs against the Jewish homeland means that the west thinks that a compromise is essential. You have a war of extermination? Put the two sides in the same room, bang their heads together until they reach a compromise. Because both sides, according to this view, have a legitimate claim to the same piece of land.

In other words the west has, for nearly a century, mistaken this whole conflict as a fight over land boundaries whereas in fact it is a war of extermination. And where the west wants to press Israel to make compromise, every compromise Israel has ever made is seen by the Arabs as a sign of weakness and an incentive to further aggression.

In conclusion, I would say that the west’s mistake – its conceptual, its fundamental mistake – perpetuates this conflict; indeed it is a signal reason, possibly the main reason, why this conflict got under way in the first place. in the 1930s, Britain responded to the pogroms being committed by the Arabs of this land against the returning Jews – and responded to the Arabs’ violence against the then-ruling British under the Palestine Mandate – Britain responded to this aggression by saying to the Arabs: “Have part of the land which we have undertaken by solemn agreement under international treaty obligation to give to the Jews”.

In other words, the original “two-state solution” was proposed in 1936 as a reward for exterminatory aggression and terror; and that continues to be the case today.

My final point is that the west needs to understand this – but, my goodness, Israel needs to understand that this narrative has to change. Israel is most reluctant to say to the free world, to the west, what it should be saying: 

“Are you crazy? 
Why do you treat this conflict 
differently from all other conflicts?” 

And until the west and until Israel actually understand that this conflict has to be reframed as one of war and victory, we’re not going to get anywhere.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Remembering Nice France, One Year On

On the 14 July 2016, Jour de la Bastille, in Nice, an Arab Muslim "Refugee" from Tunisia, mowed down the festive crowds who were celebrating Bastille Day on the "Promenade des Anglais", one of the most beautiful Promenades on the Côte d'Azur. He drove a rented truck into them, killing 86 and injuring 500.

First on the scene of this carnage to help were the Firefighters. In this video two of these brave men give, what I think, is a most poignantly understated  account of their 14 July 2016.


Tuesday, 11 July 2017

George Clooney is a Wimp !

It has been reported that George Clooney is moving back to the US because of "Security Concerns" in Italy.

If you feel like I do about Hollywood "Activist" George Clooney, this virtue-signalling, hypocritical.......(I'll leave the delightfully  uncontrolled descriptors to the delectable  Paul Joseph Watson) - then, when watching this video,  you will punch the air with your fists and chant: 

!!! YES !!! YES !!! YES !!!


Sunday, 9 July 2017

In Defence of German Men

The article which I have translated below is taken from the July issue of COMPACT.  I am surprised that the iron grip of Merkel's Censors has not been able to shut this brave Magazine down - it could not be for lack of trying. If you read German I highly recommend this fascinating Magazine which manages to be intelligent and make some complex ideas accessible without dumbing them down. I'm a subscriber and am not paid for what might be considered an ad.  

If, like me, you are on line quite a bit, you will have seen  the insults levelled at "German Men":  "Why don't they defend their women", "they are wimps", "no  balls" etc.  Here is an article by Istvan Florian, who has been working in the security sector for many years. His  Defence of German Men sounds  credible to me.

Are we all Wimps?

The latest scapegoat  chased through the village, is the German Man: they call him  "cowardly and weak", unable to protect his women. But the German Man is neither  a coward nor is he weak. He is simply not prepared for the civil war that has begun since the borders opened.

For decades, we lived in a relatively peaceful country. The policeman looked after peace and order. There was no barbaric right of the stronger, the state's monopoly of power   was respected, in short:  we lived under  civilised conditions. Some still remember: As a German, one came  almost never into contact with extreme violence.

There were moral boundaries and unwritten laws of Honor. If a disagreement  went beyond verbal strife, it resulted, at worst, in a brawl which often ended with the opponents shaking hands after a short exchange of blows, burying the hatchet. A lost tooth, a broken nose would be the worst outcome.

But these times are over. We are now living in a society in which nothing is valid any longer that, for decades, was normal. Where once fighting children could be called to order by any pensioner, old people today must expect to be pushed down and, while on the ground, be beaten up some more. When once a teacher received a certain respect from his pupils, today he must fear to be confronted by their family members after the lessons and get threats against his life and limb. It is no longer possible for a man to ask a pest to stop harassing his wife without risking his life. Dispute over a parking lot? Be careful: this could put your life in danger. In short, the smallest disagreement can turn into a struggle for life and death in an instant.

The legal path is also blocked. If one reports one  of these types, his attorney can view your file and so get access to your residential address - "Isch weiss, wo Dein Haus wohnt" (in broken German: "I know where your house is"). Even policemen, who are called to testify in court,will  suddenly lose their memory and can so no longer make any statements - in fact, they are afraid for their lives and that of their loved ones. What can the simple citizen do ? Should he be bolder than the police?

Reproaching   German men to be overwhelmed by this sudden regression into the laws of the jungle borders on hypocrisy. Who would call it cowardice or  lack of civil courage, if an office clerk or a bus driver, suddenly transplanted  into a war zone, was helpless  in the face of  naked violence?

No, the German man is not weak, nor is he a coward. 

If he were cowardly and weak, he would do, like many of those foreign to our culture do:  excluxively seek out weaker opponents, only hunt down individuals in packs, and use the knife at every opportunity. The German man has Honor and decency and is overwhelmed by such brutal attacks. So far,  he would be  ashamed to act in the ways the enemy tries to impose on him.

Do we want this to change? Do we want German men  to always carry a knife or better still a shotgun in their pockets - ready to use them at any moment? Is this supposed to become indeed our new ideal? In which case  the people would have to get the right to arm themselves. Vigilante groups would shoot up like mushrooms. If the executive does not want this, it should take immediate measures to protect us.

How long can a state deny its citizens a realistic chance of self-defence yet abandon them at the same time?

Istvan Florian 
has been working 
in the security sector 
for decades.

Here is the article in its original German:

Sind wir alle Weicheier ?
Die neueste Sau, die durchs Dorf getrieben wird, ist der deutsche Mann: Er sei feige und schwach, nicht einmal seine Frauen koenne er beschuetzen. Doch der deutsche Mann ist weder feige noch schwach. Er ist schlicht nicht vorbereitet auf den Buergerkrieg, der seit der Grenzoeffnung begonnen hat.
Ueber Jahrzehnte hinweg lebten wir in einem relativ friedlichen Land. Der Schutzmann sorgte fuer Ruhe und Ordnung. Ein barbarisches Recht des Staerkeren gab es nicht, das Machtmonopol des Staates wurde respektiert. Kurz: Es waren zivilisierte Verhaeltnisse. Mancher erinnert sich noch: Man kam als Deutscher so gut wie nie mit extremer Gewalt in Kontakt.
Es gab moralische Grenzen und ungeschriebene Gesete der Ehre. Ging eine Meinungsverschiedenheit einmal ueber verbalen Streit hinaus, kam es schlimmstenfalls zu einer Rauferei, die nicht selten damit endete, dass sich die Kontrahenten nach einem kurzen Schlagabtausch wieder die Haende schuettelten und das Kriegsbeil begruben. Ein verlorener Zahn, eine gebrochene Nase, das war dann auch schon das Aeusserste.

Doch diese Zeiten sind vorbei. Wir leben jetzt in einer Gesellschaft, in der nichts mehr von dem gilt, was jahrzehntelang Normalzustand war. Konnten balgende Kinder einst von jedem Rentner zur Ordnung gerufen werden, muessen die Alten heute damit rechnen, niedergestossen und, am Boden liegend, weiter traktiert zu werden. Genoss ein Lehrer einst einen gewissen Respekt von seinen Schuelern, muss er heute befuerchten, von deren Familienmitglieern nach dem Unterricht gestellt und an Leib und Leben bedroht zu werden. Es ist doch gar nicht mehr moeglich, dass ein Mann einen Antaenzer bittet, seine Frau nicht zu belaestigen, ohne dass er damit sein Leben riskiert.  Streit um einen Parkplatz? Vorsicht, Lebensgefahr ! Kurz: Jede noch so kleine Auseinandersetzung kann sich von einem Augenblick zum anderen in einen Kampf um Leben und Tod verwandeln.

Auch der juristische Weg ist versperrt. Zeigt man einen dieser Typen an, kann dessen Anwalt Akteneinsicht und damit Zugriff auf die eigene Wohnanschrift bekommen - "Isch weiss, wo Dein Haus wohnt".  Selbst Polizisten, die als Zeugen vor Gericht aussagen sollen, verlieren hin und wieder plötzlich das Gedaechtnis und koennen darum keine Aussage mehr taetigen - in Wahrheit haben sie Angst um ihr Leben oder das ihrer Liebsten. Was soll der unbedarfte Buerger da noch tun ?  Soll er mutiger sein als die Polizei ?
Den deutschen Maennern nun vorzuwerfen, dass sie mit dem ploetzlichen Rueckfall in die Gesetzmaessigkeiten des Dschungels ueberfordert sind, grenzt an Heuchelei. Wer wuerde es Feigheit oder mangelnde Zivilcourage nennen, wenn ein Bueroangestellter oder Busfahrer, ploetzlich in ein Kriegsgebiet versetzt, angesichts der nackten Gewalt hilf- und ratlos waere ? 
Nein, der deutsche Mann ist nicht schwach, und er ist auch nicht feige. 
Vielmehr waere er feige und schwach, wuerde auch er sich - wie viele der Kulturfremden - nur schwaechere Gegner suchen, nur in Gruppen Jagd auf Einzelne machen und bei jeder Gelegenheit zum Messer greifen. Der deutsche Mann hat Ehre, er hat Anstand und ist mit solch brutalen Attacken ueberfordert. Noch schaemt er sich, so zu handeln, wie es ihm der Gegner aufzwingen will. 

Wollen wir, dass sich das aendert? Wollen wir, dass deutsche Maenner immer ein Messer oder besser eine Schusswaffe in der Tasche tragen - bereit, diese jeden Augenblick zu benutzen? Soll das tatsaechlich unser neues Idealbild werden ? Dann muesste das Volk konsequenterweise auch das Recht zur Bewaffnung erhalten. Buergerwehren wuerden wie Pilze aus dem Boden schiessen. Wenn die Exekutive das nicht will, sollte sie schleunigst Massnahmen zu unserem Schutz ergreifen. Wie lange kann ein Staat seinem Buerger die realistische Chance auf Selbstverteidigung verwehren und ihn gleichzeitig im Stich lassen?
Istvan Florian arbeitet seit Jahrzehnten in der Sicherheitsbranche.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

President Trump and King Obama: The Difference

These two videos are short, and their quality is probably inferior even to Obama's reign, but I think they show so well the real difference between the two presidents. (Incidentally, if they put me next to Adolf Erdogan and placed an umbrella in my hands, I would be tempted to  hit him over the head with it.)

The poster of this tweet put it well, I think: 

"When the President of the U.S. picks up the fallen cover of a Marine and places it back on his head, you know you elected the right man." 


Saturday, 1 July 2017

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Germans Homeless in Merkel's Germany

Angela Merkel  describes those whom I regard as "real"  Germans merely  as "those who have lived here longer" but considers her newly, illegally imported "guests" as "those who joined recently", and who, according to her, are just as German as "those-who-have-lived-here-longer"

Merkel calls the Germans:
"Those who have lived here longer" 

"This statement is a mockery of the Sovereign who elected her and whom she intends to do away with..." writes Michael Mannheimer, a blogger and writer and certainly  a thorn in the eyes of Merkel who seems to have a Stasi-like grip on Free Speech and the number of  information crumbs  the Volk is allowed to access.  I understand they have tried to silence Mr. Mannheimer already several times but, like a modern-day Socrates this "gadfly" is hanging in there. 

Merkel juxtaposed her description of Germans to that she has chosen for her personal 1.5 million migrants (so far) as "die, die neu dazugekommen sind" (those, who joined up recently). 

Mannheimer's Article (in German) published late last year, is well worth reading. 

So, Germans are rich, yes ? Well here is a video that shows you some of those Germans that Merkel dismisses as "those who have lived here a little longer".

Its source is the Deutsche Welle, a State Media,  hence of a clear conformist left bent and  regime-promoting. But here they really did a surprisingly good job  with an objectivity you normally don't find among their propagandist pieces. Not even one Merkel-Refugee in sight. Perhaps the reason for that is that Merkel-Refugees are not homeless in Merkel's Germany, unlike those "who have lived there longer".

This story made me, somewhat, angry. To put my anger into an acceptable tame-it-box, I showed it to a non-German, very analytical friend. All he would state is the obvious: "It did not touch me the same way as it did you". Doh !

So, here I am, left with my strange anger. I let a bit of it out by mentioning "Merkel" a lot in my editiorial.  

Anselm's fate touched me the most. He (and Franziska Dinter) too  might remember this old number of  Freddy Quinn:

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Who kills genuine Refugees by Proxy ?

I have never hidden the deep contempt in which I hold the racist Pigs Through which the  "UN" of today has become. Looking at this video below, they can add yet another activity to a long list of the same kind: complicity in the Genocide of Yazidis (and Christians). 

Oh, and nor will I forget this Pope's (Francis) very media-guided visit to Greece, to "save some refugees"  and bring them to Italy, cameras blazing, of course. Among the three chosen ones was a Christian family whom the media floozy left behind at the very last minute. When found out, the "excuse" from the Vatican was that "their identity papers had not been completed". It was a lie. Wherever these Christian refuges have ended up, I don't know, but the Muslim families chosen by this Pope are, on last reports "doing very well". 

Here is a video from TV Libertés, France on Yazidis, subtitled by Vlad  some months ago: 

You can find a German version of this video on RohDatenHalde

As for my choice of music for this post, I'm going out on a limb and hope that I'm not threading on any ethnically sensitive toes:


A Muslim asks: "Why do they hate us"?

Following the 'vehicular' attack outside a London mosque on June 19,  Egyptian TV host Youssef Al-Husseini with courage and an insight rarely seen on our TV screens these days asked and answered his own rhetorical question: 

"Why do they hate us ? ! 
If they didn't, there would be something mentally wrong with them..." 

And he continued: 

"Muslims have contributed nothing to the West except slaughter, massacres and terror attacks, and you still expect them to LOVE US ?!"

He also debunks to a large extent the  tales of all those  "enormous contributions to Science, Literature, Philosophy" Muslims have, allegedly, made. 

A video well worth watching, despite  the effort it takes to read the sub-titles, and thanks to  Vlad Tepes for finding it.

. .

MEMRI TV, who published this video on 25. June 2017 write in their disclaimer:

"MEMRI TV is a non-partisan, independent research institute providing research, analysis and translation of primary materials covering a wide range of issues, including on terrorism and ideological trends in the middle east. 

These video clips are provided as a public service to an international viewing audience to bridge the language gap and better educated and inform.

Material about the statements of terrorists and extremists is provided to alert the public to threats and in no way constitutes an endorsement of such activities. 

Please contact us for any queries.
The Middle East Media Research Institute is a not-for-profit press monitoring and analysis organization with headquarters in Washington, DC"


Sunday, 25 June 2017

Melanie Phillips in and on Israel

Melanie Phillips, British journalist, author and public commentator offers an eye-opening perspective on where anti-Israel ideas and sentiments originate. This impressive Cassandra foretold the future of London over 10   years ago by coining the name "Londonistan"

Her  conversation with Yaakov AchiMeir  was published on Israeli TV earlier this year.


On one point though  I disagree with the formidable Miss Melanie Phillips: She says "there is nothing remotely right-wing about standing up for truth against lies, justice against injustice, freedom against those who would snuff out freedom and human life". 

Well I say there is! 

You will not see many "right-wingers" at Jew-Hatred marches under Terrorist flags chanting "death to Jews", like just those last few days for Al Qud day, nor will you see too many Conservatives under the "Palestinian flags"  chanting "Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea", which, if you know a minimum of Israel's geography is the same. I strongly suggest, that today's version of  Jew-hatred comes, of course from those who follow the edicts of the Koran, but they are enthusiastically assisted, directly and indicrectly,  by  the "Left Wingers", Labor, Greens, Antifa, etc. 

The Left's  default position of moral posturing (moral signalling in modern parlance)  does not a good people make.

By declaring my support for Israel (too often and too loudly according to some) I will proudly accept the label of "right winger"!

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Merkel attacks while AfD defends Israel & Jews

Vlad, when posting  the two videos below introduced them like so: 

"Oz-Rita brings us a singular juxtaposition of two videos, showing the diverse attitudes towards Jews by the ruling Merkel party in Germany, (The CDU) and the AfD, who post-modernists insist are Nazis when,  in fact, it is  the Post-Modernists who share their root philosophy with the Nazis.".

Being very angry at what Merkel has done to my old country, my approach will have more ad hominem undertones. Here you will see two German women politicians, one with class and one without. 

Lets start with the "classy" one. An aristocratic pedigree does not automatically assure you class, but Beatrix von Storch as plenty of both. She is porte-parole of- and represents her party, the "Alternative für Deutschland" (AfD) in the EU parliament. The AfD is a much maligned, relatively new, conservative and patriotic party and with quite a few people like Beatrix von Storch in their ranks,  they offer a real alternative and the only hope I see for Germany at the moment. 


And then we have Angela Merkel, erstwhile 'girlfriend' of Adolf Erdogan, then of Obama, now cougar to Emmanuel Macron - politically speaking of course. In the video below she confirms her bad taste in men by not only snuggling up to  Abbas, but by betraying Israel and so the Jewish people.  

The second part of this video (in Arabic) is not yet translated/subtitled, however, Abbas mentions the word "Apartheid" which I think might be an indication of what he has to say. 

Merkel seems to have acquired an anti-Israel perspective - a concession to her (new) masters, whoever they are ?

And last: Did she really say: 

"...I have said again and again that the settlements in the occupied territories are a violation of international law..." ? 

Yes she did !


Friday, 23 June 2017

A Haram Look at Halal Certification in OZ

This new documentary on "The Unpalatable Facts" of Halal Certification has just rolled off the presses (or what ever documentaries roll off these days). It came to my in box from the Q Society of Australia, a group which I hold in great respect and features people whose courage in the face of all sort of attacks I admire. 


“Never underestimate the intelligence of your readers, but never overestimate their knowledge”  so, please, pass this documentary onto your friends, enemies (*) and other contacts. 

Here is a little sample of what I take to be "Halal" in its natural habitat: 


Now we are coming to the truly HARAM part of this post: HUMOUR

(*)  "Don't speak because it's safe, speak because it is necessary"